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Swim Teams

Swim Teams

Experience our new recreational swim team program! We're creating equitable access to quality aquatic opportunities. Dive in for fun, low-pressure swim experiences perfect for beginners, multi-sport enthusiasts, and families seeking a manageable commitment while exploring the benefits of competitive


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YOGI’s Transition to a Recreational Swim Team Program

YOGI is moving to a recreational swim team program to create equitable access to quality programming by setting clear deliverables for practice availability and expectations, competition expectations and opportunities, coaching quality. This transition allows us to maximize the use of our resources and facilities to operate a quality, developmental swim team program for our members and participants. The YMCA recreational swim team program will focus on youth and teens wanting to experience the benefits of competitive swimming and lifelong aquatic fitness in a low-pressure fun environment. The YMCA’s recreational swim team is designed for youth just coming out of swim lessons, youth and teens who play other sports throughout the year, families looking for manageable commitment, and young athletes not ready for a higher level of competition.

This program is the next step for youth ages 6-16 in their swimming progression upon completing level 4 in swim lessons, or can swim at least one length of the swimming pool using freestyle. It puts an emphasis on skill development, sportsmanship, and fun. If your swimmer is looking to improve their technique, endurance, or just continue on their swimming journey this is the program for you. Over the course of this 7-week program swimmers will work on their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly strokes. Participants will receive a swim cap representing their YMCA.

Each team will compete in two inner-squad meets, or one inner-squad and one dual meet, and the Season All-City Meet. Swim Team members from YMCAs throughout greater Indianapolis will compete. Swimmers of all skill levels will be celebrated for their hard work and achievements.

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