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Personal Training

Achieve Your Goals

Personal trainers are part-coach, part-mentor, part-friend, and even part-drill instructor at times. You may not always like your trainer, but you will absolutely love them for the results you will see.


Onsite, Offsite and Virtual Training Programs Available

Our Personal Trainers have a love of fitness, and it shows.

To give you a brief preview, our trainers have developed the Top 5 reasons they want you in the YMCA’s Personal Training Program:

  1. Accountability – The hardest part is starting. We provide support and accountability to keep you consistent and motivated.
  2. Reduce risk for injury – Ensure your exercises are safe and effective. As your trainer, we will not only design your program but also make sure to use proper technique to minimize injury risk and maximize results.
  3. Meet your unique needs – Everybody is different, therefore everyone’s skills and abilities are different. This could include recovering from injury, managing a chronic condition or even training for an event. We will design a program you can have confidence in. And, onsite at the Y, offsite, and even virtual sessions are available to suit your needs.
  4. Set the perfect goals – No matter what you hope to achieve in the end, we will help you design a plan to get there. Expert advice to identify and work towards achievable benchmarks along the way will help you stay motivated and excited no matter where you want to go!
  5. Maximum Results/Minimum Time – Ever wish you could reach your goals sooner or work out faster…work smarter not harder? We will help you stay focused and use effective exercises to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time!

Our Personal Training Program

Expert Advice. Customized for Results.

Onsite, Offsite and Virtual Training Programs Now Available.
When it comes to fitness (like most things), there’s simply no substitute for personalized, expert advice. Let one of our certified trainers get you to the next level. Whether you’re a new exerciser, comfortable with your fitness but looking for something more, or a seasoned competitor, our YMCA Personal Training Program will get you results.

The Personal Training Starter Package is the entry point to the YMCA’s Personal Training Program. You will be contacted by a Certified Personal Trainer within the next two business days to discuss and schedule your first one-on-one session. In this session, you will:

  • Meet with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Complete a series of baseline assessments
  • Discuss your health and wellness goals
  • Determine the right customized personal training program plan for you!

Personal Training can be done onsite at the Y, offsite (such as in a park) with your trainer, and even virtually through one of our video conferencing methods. You can also choose a combination of these methods in your personal plan.


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