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Specialty and Multisport Clinics

Skill Boost: YMCA Sports Clinics!

Clinics are geared to help athletes develop sport-specific skills. YMCA trained staff lead players in drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills required for the sport. Participants are sure to improve on skills, make new friends and have fun.


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Youth Multi-Sport Clinic

Take your time and try it all. Not all athletes are the same. It can take time to figure out what sports hold your passion. The YMCA’s multi-sport clinic is the perfect way to “try it out”.

Each week a new sport and games will be introduced including basketball, soccer and t-ball skills. Basic skills will be covered incorporating socialization skills within the class format. A fun learning environment where you can enjoy some time with your kids as they find their passion! Each session will have practice once a week for 4 weeks

Specialty Clinics

YMCA Specialty Clinics are geared to help athletes, no matter what sport they play, develop specific skills that will help them improve in their sports.

When participating in clinics at the YMCA, participants are sure to improve on skills, make friends and have fun. Clinics at the YMCA are great lead up for participating in a class or league setting at the YMCA. Everyone plays, learns and wins in sports clinics at the YMCA.

YMCA Specialty Clinics are a fantastic chance to focus on skill improvement in a short concentrated burst. A Specialty Clinic can help you quickly enhance your understanding and endurance.

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