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Martial Arts

Elevate Life: Martial Arts for Wellness.

Discover lifelong skills, enhance coordination, focus, agility, and goal-setting while enjoying a holistic fitness experience. Join our traditional martial arts program for a healthier lifestyle, stress relief, and self-defense mastery in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.


Find Martial Arts Programs

Crouching Tigers

Crouching Tigers is an innovative and engaging educational martial arts program designed exclusively for children ages 2.5-6. With a story-based curriculum, students learn LifeSkills and safety lessons while gaining confidence in each class. Certified instructors (Senseis) hold weekly classes and each unit of curriculum ends with a promotion ceremony that includes board breaking and rank promotion.

Youth Karate Classes

Karate training improves the lives of those who participate

Karate instills self-confidence, self-discipline, respect, and responsibility. At the Y, students, in this traditional martial arts program, maintain a healthy lifestyle, get a whole body workout, relieve stress and develop self-defense skills in a non-competitive, welcoming environment.

Youth TaeKwonDo Classes

Emphasizes flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. Enhances confidence, discipline and physical fitness.

Uniform and sparring pads may be purchased from instructor at first class (an additional cost through instructor). Class time determined by instructor’s evaluation. This class will be drafted on the first of each month.

Youth Judo Classes

Judo is a martial arts program offered at the YMCA.

Judo encourages the principles of attack and defense. this class improves both your health and physical education while strengthening your body’s core. Please email your local sports director to get more information if needed.

Adult Martial Arts

Learn martial arts to build lifelong skills. It’s a great way to improve coordination and focus, and refine agility and motor skills along with goal setting and focus skills. Students in this traditional martial arts program maintain a healthy lifestyle, get a whole-body workout, relieve stress, and develop self-defense skills in a non-competitive, welcoming environment.

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