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The educational philosophy at the Ransburg YMCA Early Learning Center (Full-Day Licensed child care is child centered and developmentally based. It is developed with the knowledge that young children learn through their direct interactions with both their environment and the people within it.

The Ransburg YMCA will be offering a Full Day Preschool only starting the Fall of 2018. Our Full Day Preschool called the Early Learning Center, is a licensed child care for kids’ ages 2 .5 – 5-year-olds. We accept On My Way Pre-K students.

For registration and details, please contact Ashley Rice at arice@indymca.org or call at 317-357-8441.

Unless otherwise noted, please visit the Member Services Desk for registration and additional program information.


Early Learning Center _ Full day Licensed Child Care

Ransburg Early Learning Center

Early Learning Center for 2.5-5-year-olds offers full-day licensed child care.

Child-centered and developmentally-based, this program is created with the knowledge that young children learn through their direct interactions with both their environment and the people within it CCDF vouchers accepted, and we are a licensed On My Way Pre K provider. Email us for more details.

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Child Care

Play and Learn Centers

In our YMCA Play and Learn Centers, your child will experience all kinds of fun and engaging activities while you enjoy your work out!

At the Y, we believe that “play is the work of young children, and is the foundation for learning.” Our Play and Learn Centers offer children the opportunity to experience curriculum-based learning activities in a fun and nurturing environment.

Our trained staff can care for babies 6 weeks and older, and we have activities geared to toddlers and for children up to 10 years of age. A few of our locations also have Play and Learn amenities geared to pre-teens (ages 11-12); please ask at your local Y.

  • Use of our Play and Learn Centers is included FREE as a part of  YMCA household memberships.
  • Play and Learn Centers are available at 11 of our 12 locations (the YMCA at the City Market is the only exception).
  • Members may use our Play and Learn Centers for up to two hours per day while you are onsite at our facility.
  • For Play and Learn hours of operation, please visit the Location Info tab and “hours” for your YMCA location of choice.



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Kid’s Night Out

With Kids Night Out, parents enjoy a night out while kids engage in fun and safe activities at the Y

We know parents need a break from time to time while kids enjoy games, crafts, and more centered around a unique monthly theme. Kids play in the Play and Learn Center while adults can enjoy an evening out. These specially themed evenings include crafts, games, dinner, physical activities and lots of fun!

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Parent’s Day Out

Take four hours of “me” time while your children make crafts, play games, and just have fun in a safe and well-supervised environment

The Parent’s Day Out program provides a play group for your child and a break away from the Y for you to shop, run errands, have an extended lunch, see a movie or just relax. Children can learn a lot from regular play dates with friends including social skills, sharing, communication with others and how to deal with separation issues. We offer arts & crafts, group activities, story time and free play.

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Family Fun & Game Nights

Laugh, love, learn and grow together as a family with arts and crafts, games and special themed activities that the entire family will enjoy. We have fun family activities. Activities may include board games, reading, science, crafts, and more. Visit the Member Services Desk for days and times.

Phone: (317) 357-8441

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