Personal Training: A Step Toward the Best Version of You

Personal training is a great way to achieve goals you're struggling with

Almost every fitness facility has one thing in common: they offer personal training. The trainers are hard to miss with their clipboards in hand, and their shirts emblazoned with TRAINER. When you think about the pros and cons of personal training, d... Read More

Mom Loses Weight With Personal Training

Personal training helps mom lose 150 lbs., gain confidence in raising son with autism

Confidence and freedom are two of the benefits Witham Family Y member Kala Newell has found since joining. Kala is a busy mom and a student who is making her health a priority. “I am a mom to a 5-year-old little human who has autism and keeps me o... Read More

Inspiring Others

Overcoming Challenges

Chris Carron realized that he needed to be in good health for his work and every day life. His past knee injuries and a lifetime of insulin-dependent diabetes was taking a toll on his health. Carron is either sitting at his desk all day or climbing t... Read More

Lindsay Needed More Energy, Help Breaking Old Habits

Couple Achieves Success with Buddy Personal Training

As a graduate student, Lindsay's days are filled with long hours of driving, studying and sitting in lectures. She and her husband Ethan were tired everyday and looking for a change. They wanted to be more active and take the steps toward a healthier... Read More

Every now and then my husband is right about important things!

On her husbands encouragement Beth started a health journey that has transformed her life.

Read what Beth White has to say about her experience with Personal Training at the Ransburg YMCA: After having my son later in life, it became clear to me that I needed to take better care of myself. Especially while chasing after a toddler, I nee... Read More