Karyn Uses YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program to Better Her Well Being

Karyn chose to battle her increased A1C head on - and is winning

The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program helped Karyn. She says, "a disappointing MD appointment in March prompted me to join the YMCA. What prompted me was the fact that I had, once again, gained weight. In addition, my doctor scolded me on my Hgb A1C, ... Read More

Carol: “It’s About More Than the Weight”

Swim, weight loss challenge and personal training have positively impacted Carol's life

Carol retired in 2016 from a sedentary and stressful job. She found herself with an additional 70 pounds, lacking strength, and in need of a change. She saw her mother struggle with balance and strength and knew that it wasn't only about the weight; ... Read More

Take the Steps to Fight Chronic Disease with Personal Training

Meet your trainer halfway

Whether you’re a healthy person looking to prevent a chronic disease or someone wanting to treat a chronic condition, exercise plays an important role. Having an expert, like a Personal Trainer, can help you execute a plan to fight chronic disease.... Read More

Inspire Us _ Personal Training success story

Inspire Us story _ Lydia Banton and Melissa Gustafson

Before Melissa, I had a hard time staying consistent with my workouts. I had always struggled with my weight and had only experienced success whenever I had a trainer to keep me accountable. However, the second I would discontinue, I would get comple... Read More

Molly Zoller danced her way into her 50’s until surgeries slowed her down

Personal training brings strength after surgery

By: Molly Zoller My level of fitness was very good through my 40’s and early 50’s. Then, I had a serious abdominal surgery and knee surgeries to repair cartilage tears.  Physical Therapy helps a great deal, but I was told I could not continue... Read More