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Together, we can build a better us.


With the help of campaign volunteers the Y helps build a better us

From athletics, to education, to health services, to safe spaces, the Y fills the gaps where society falls short. Because we believe every person and every community deserves the chance to thrive. Everyone has a role to play.

We can’t begin to thank all of our campaigners and volunteers enough for your tireless work to help carry out the YMCA’s mission within our community. Here you will find a few tools to help when you need something inspiring (besides your own amazing Y stories!) to share with potential donors.

Volunteer Tools

Create your own inspiration for others with just a click of your camera phone!

Need an awesome video to share? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty! You can spread the word by viewing and sharing some of the other inspirational YMCA stories as well. Visit our YouTube channel to get inspired by more stories!

Here are just a few sources for you to share your Y story! Use these links to inspire your friends and family to get their “own” Y Story!!

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Right click on your favorite color, use the “save as” function to save to your hard drive. You can use this button to embed into your emails or other correspondence. Be sure to set up your campaigner site first, then hyperlink the button directly to your campaigner website address!

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