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YMCA Mobile App

With the YMCA App, Members can:

  • See schedules and RSVP for classes
  • Access YMCA360, our free virtual health & fitness platform for members
  • Sync with the compatible workout equipment at YMCAs
  • Sync with your FitBit, MyZone and other wearables
  • Manually add or xCapture workouts
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t download the app, what should I do?

If you are having trouble downloading the app, the most common reason is your wifi connection. Check to see that you are connected, and try downloading again. If you’ve previously downloaded the app but haven’t used it for a while and are having issues, please delete the current version and install the new version. If you still have trouble, let a YMCA Wellness Staff Member know so that we can help troubleshoot with you.

How will this help me reach my wellness goals?

Tracking is one of the most effective strategies to reaching goals. This app will help you find classes and do all your tracking in one place. It links to other tracking systems like fit bit and my fitness pal. It allows you to set your own goals and gives you progress reports, celebrating with you when your goals are achieved! Even better, through the social feed, it connects you to others who can support and encourage you along the way.

Does the Y App cost anything?

No, the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is bringing this App to you as a benefit of your membership. We want to help you reach your wellness goals and this is one way we know we can help support you!

How do I sign up for the app?

Search “YMCA of Greater Indianapolis” in the App store and download the app.
Use your Cell Phone Number for your 10 digit log in and chose a 4 digit pin you will remember. See any Y staff member if you need assistance.

How do I sign up for a challenge?

Make sure you are connected to wifi, select the challenge tile, and click on the challenge you would like to join. You will have multiple options, you can join challenges at your center, for all Indianapolis YMCAs, even national challenges!

Will my log in on the app connect to the equipment in the wellness center?

Yes, you will use the same log in on any piece of cardio equipment with the xid platform; Lifefitness, Matrix, and Cybex equipment. Once logged in your workouts will automatically upload to the app.

Will the app track all my workouts?

Yes. The app will track workouts automatically if you are logged in on a xid piece of equipment. If not, you can track workouts through manual entry, x capture, or a link to your other fitness tracking tools.

What if my workout is not on an xid piece of equipment?

Any workout can be tracked using the x capture feature. You will simply snap a picture of the workout summary and it will automatically upload for you!

Can the App record a group exercise class?

Yes, you can also manually enter the workout, or you can use the x capture feature by hand writing your summary (date, time, type and intensity), snapping a picture and it will automatically upload.

Can I access my information from the computer?

Yes. You will use your same log in to access your information.

What do you select if you work out that is not in a category?

If your workout is not in a category, select a similar format of a workout or “other” to log that workout. Let a YMCA staff member know the workout you would like to have included so that we can work with the app to see if a change can be made.

Can I track workouts I do outside of the YMCA too?

You can track all your workouts (inside and outside the facility) and see all of your workout statistics, no matter where you complete your workout.

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