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Meet Marion

The end of the summer was approaching, and Keonia had a lot on her mind, particularly what she was going to do with her son, Marion, during her weekly dialysis treatments. As a single mom suffering from visual impairments and kidney and pancreatic f... Read More

Shine a Light on Afterschool Programs

Let's throw out some numbers. 14 million... 40,000... 3-6...14 million is the number of school age children in America who go home alone after school each day, according to 40,000 of those children are kindergartners. 3-6... Read More

Fall Into Fun… At Camp!

The air is crisp, the pumpkin spiced lattes are brewing, and you know what this means... Fall Break is coming! At the Y, when school is out, we are IN! We are busy preparing for FALL BREAK CAMP- exciting weeks of field trips, guest speakers, swimmin... Read More

2017-18 Before & After School Enrollment

The school year is here! Enroll in the YMCA Before & After School program located in your school.  Information about our locations, fees, and enrollment procedures can be found HERE!We hope you and your family join us for another great y... Read More

“No matter what, camp will always be with me.”

As we’re nearing the end of April, and the weather goes through its growing pains from cold and wet to warm (and wet), the increasingly sunny days and spring allergies signal one thing: it’s camp time. Through itchy red eyes and an endlessly snif... Read More

Camp: It’s Not Just For Campers

I would like to tell you working camp smells like roses, is perfect every day, and that you can reasonably expect to know what will happen every time you show up to work. But, alas, this is not true. Camp is tricky, sticky, and full of terrors. But... Read More

Camp Facts You Need to Know

Facts are proof.  Verifiable, evidence based proof.  I think they are great. I love facts.But truth be told, they are a little boring. In fact they are quite dry. And without proper context, you get the bare bones information you need. We miss ... Read More

Why Camp?

I know. It is March. It is cold. Summer is months away. Why should I think about camp? Don’t you realize how busy I am? We have preschool, sports, swimming lessons, PTA family events to run, and kids to make happy! And this guy is talking about ... Read More

There’s a Spring Break Camp near you!

Spend your Spring Break at camp with the Y! With 13 locations across Indianapolis, there is a camp near you. Click here for more information on dates, locations, and camp rates. And don't forget to sign up for Summer Day Camp while you're here!... Read More

Choose Your Adventure!

Check out our 2017 Camp Guide to start planning the BEST SUMMER EVER!From archery, to arts & crafts, to aquatics, it's up to YOU to decide what your adventure will be this summer. No matter what you choose, you will make new friends and try ... Read More

Winter Weather Is Heading Our Way!

What happens when school is out for weather related delays, early dismissals, or cancellations? The following will help you be prepared for any of these situations. Snow Day Programs If school is closed prior to program start time due to inclement ... Read More