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School’s Out Camp

When School Is Out, the Y Is In!

We offer School’s Out Camps throughout the year when school is not is session.


School's Out Camp Information

Camp Options

Snow Day Camps will be available for enrollment below as districts begin to close. Please follow our Facebook page for the most updated information as the weather approaches.

The Y offers many camps throughout the year when schools are out for Professional Development Days, eLearning Days, Parent Teacher Conferences, or a variety of other reasons.

Update for Friday, March 29: Due to the recently issued executive order from Governor Holcomb regarding transportation and communication concerns for the state of Indiana, the YMCA has decided to close all School’s Out Camps scheduled for Monday, April 8.

Ready, Set, Explore

The YMCA’s School’s Out Camps Enrichment programs are offered at select locations when school is out, including Fall Break; Winter Break; Spring Break; Flex days; Martin Luther King Jr Day; Presidents Day; and Snow Days.


Center Choices

Children are given a variety of activity options, ranging from center choices to staff-directed learning centers.

Individual or Small Groups

Activities may be initiated by staff with the expectation that all staff will work on the activity (e.g. homework or quiet time), or they may be initiated by the children themselves.

Project Time

Time is set aside for children to begin or return to a long-term project needing specified space, tools, or leadership.

Large Group

Activities are designed for large group participation under the leadership of a staff member (e.g. active games or group discussions).

Indoors and Outdoors

We strive to balance indoor and outdoor activities, with a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity and movement each day.


At the Youth Development YMCA School’s Out Camp program, we will serve your child with compassion, patience, skill and respect. It is our desire that staff and parents become partners to better serve your children.

In turn, we ask that you, as a parent, help us. Let us know of any concerns, ideas or thoughts that you may have regarding the School’s Out Camp program. The YMCA is a place for families, and we want to do everything possible to strengthen and support your family.

The staff at the YMCA believe each child is a unique individual with his/her own rate of development. Our goal is to introduce children to as many new experiences as possible and help each child feel confident and secure in a fun, safe environment.

We are dedicated to molding the lives of our kids and creating friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

All YMCA SOC programs are designed to help your child(ren) meet the following goals:

  • Grow personally
  • Learn core values
  • Develop specific skills
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop leadership ability
  • Appreciate diversity

Core Values

The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis works to accomplish its mission by living and sharing the following core values:

  • Caring: considerate of the needs and feelings of others
  • Honesty: being trustworthy and truthful
  • Respect: treating others, the environment, and yourself with dignity
  • Responsibility: accepting accountability for your actions and role in the community
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