I gave my son the option to stay home today or go to camp after his soccer try outs and he chose camp! Getting a 13 year old to choose between playing video games at home all day or going to camp in the heat and he chooses camp is quite the testament to your team. GREAT JOB motivating our youth!
Love the efficient check in process this year. Very quick utilizing the tablets and being set up front by the parking lot.
My daughter has been enrolled with the YMCA's Summer Camp for 3 years and I am very impressed with the improvements made this summer. The staff is enthusiastic and friendly, communication via Bloomz and newsletters is greatly appreciated, and the activities are more varied for the Traditional Campers. My daughter loves going to camp and is excited to tell us about her day when we pick her up!
I really like the new electronic system for pick up and drop off. I think it will help stream line and increase the safety of the program.
Kudos to you for having a well-equipped, very polite and capable staff available for all the activities that you are offering during this camp. Keep up the great work!
One staff member has stood out as she's always sooo personable & kind; I was THRILLED to see Alex Tate again! Most important, Alex has gone out of her way to help my son, Blake, with some social issues-- she can never know how much I appreciate her help!
I am very impressed by the ease of checking in and out and the friendliness of the staff … very nice to get that greeting first thing in the morning. :)
I loved being able to see what the class was doing yesterday on the Bloomz app. It was nice to have things to discuss with her and ask her about it. And it made my day feel a little more fun :) It also gave me a better idea of what to pack for her for next time.
My camper had a wonderful first day! Drop off and pick up felt secure yet effortless. Staff is attentive and kind.
We missed the first 3 weeks of camp due to school and vacation. Our daughter's first day was this Monday, and she was a little nervous. She came last year and had a wonderful time, but she is now in the "big class". We work early hours, and she was the first one there. So, the first one on her first day back... As we rounded the desk, Ms. Emma welcomed her with a sweet smile AND by name. You could almost see my daughter's concern melt away. Later that day when we picked her up, she was still talking about how Ms. Emma remembered her. This was so wonderful, and made me more at ease knowing she was okay. So, thank you Ms. Emma for being AWESOME!