Paul & Connie Flexman

Every family’s worst nightmare came true when Paul was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2014. Paul was determined to not let his cancer win and he utilized all of his energy to fight.

During treatment, along with losing weight and muscle, Paul’s medical bills started to pileup. Paul and his wife, Connie, learned about LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, which provided free classes to cancer patients and their caregivers. With a group of caring and compassionate people, Paul was determined to regain his strength and balance.

The classes at the Y helped Paul recover by increasing his balance and strengthening his legs. Paul worked one-on-one with the instructors to create goals to help him rebuild muscle and regain the strength he had lost in his battle with cancer.

Connie was amazed at how passionate and caring the instructors were. Even the other members in the classes called Paul their hero because of how determined and committed he was. Paul is now walking without a walker and has increased strength and muscle tone.

Paul continues to maintain positive and confident and is inspiring others to do the same! At the Y, we believe that to fight cancer, you have to live strong every day!

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Connie & Paul at the Jordan YMCA

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