Big moves bigger changes

Sarah and FamilyHave you ever moved to a new state and felt lost because you didn’t know anyone? What did you do in that situation? How did you acclimate yourself to your new surroundings? I can tell you what Sarah Johnson and her family did, they joined the Baxter YMCA.

More showers, less baby weight

Sarah, Evan, and their two little ones moved to Indianapolis from Idaho back in August 2018. Evan is studying to get his doctorate, which means a 5-7 year commitment to the Circle City.  The YMCA seemed like a perfect solution for getting Sarah out of the house with Tanner and Ella.

“It gives me a place to go with my kids so they can play, and I can either workout or even just take a shower.” Sarah went on to explain something all moms will understand, “Sometimes taking a shower is the most challenging part of my day so going to the Y helps me squeeze that in.”

When asked what her favorite things were about the Baxter Y she was quick to point out how nice all of the staff are. “People are just so kind and show genuine care and compassion for her and her family. I have even lost a little baby weight while working out in the Wellness Center.”

Sliding scale membership helps

Sarah is also grateful for the scholarship provided via the Y’s sliding scale memberships. “Since my husband is in school, finances can be a little tight, but a membership at the Y is definitely worth it!” Sarah also makes cookies and sells them to help subsidize their income. I saw some of those cookies and it looks like she knows what she is doing!

Do you need financial assistance?

There are enough obstacles to working out, finances shouldn’t be one of them. Learn more about financial assistance for membership and programs.

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