YMCA Preschool teaches more than colors and shapes

Shapes, colors and scissor skills are all things one would expect children to learn in a preschool program. At the Witham Family YMCA Early Learning Preschool Program, 4-year-old Heaton has learned that and so much more.

“He was a shy 2-year-old with a paci and his favorite stuffed animal when he started the program. Now he is a confident 4-year-old who bounds into the building, excited for another day of school,” says Erin Zaring, Heaton’s mother.

Already active at the Y

The Zaring family has been a part of the Witham Family YMCA for five years, participating in preschool, Play & Learn, swimming and family events. So two years ago, when their babysitting arrangement changed, they looked into the Witham Family Y Preschool, and it stood out as the best option for Heaton.

Heaton’s speech blossomed

Over the past two years, the preschool has become the Zaring family’s favorite part of the Y. Heaton’s speech has blossomed in his two years in the program – most wouldn’t even know that he had speech delay when he started the program. He is learning to try new activities, has made friends and is being prepared for kindergarten.

“The level of education that Heaton receives at the Y exceeds my expectations,” says Erin. “Last year, Heaton learned his shapes and colors, and he could count to 20. This year, he is practicing writing his name, and he is improving his scissor skills. Next year, he’ll move on to Pre-K at the Y.”

Confidence, social and academic skills

The teachers and assistants in the program have helped Heaton grow in confidence, social skills and academic skills while truly caring for him.

“The Witham Family YMCA preschool gives my husband and I peace of mind,” says Erin. “We know that, while at preschool, not only is Heaton learning and having fun, but he is loved and safe. The teachers and teaching assistants have been impressive. We truly feel that Heaton is well cared for, and that is invaluable.”

“The Y preschool has given us affordable, quality child care,” says Erin.  “I know that my child is happy and safe during the day, while my husband and I are at work. That is a luxury that no parent takes for granted.”

Preschool Locations across Central Indiana

The YMCA offers full and half-day preschool options for ages 2-5 at locations across Central Indiana. Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is open. Don’t delay, learn more and enroll today!

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