Child Development experts agree: attending a high-quality preschool program better prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. At the YMCA, children will experience early learning curriculum where they learn valuable social skills in a safe and welcoming environment led by caring and nurturing staff.

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YMCA Early Learning Programs

YMCA Early Learning Programs

The YMCA offers one of the most dynamic Early Learning programs across Greater Indianapolis. We work hard to build community; both with the children in the program, as well as their families.

Our Early Learning program allows children to grow personally, clarify values, develop specific skills, improve personal and family relationships, and become better leaders. Students become instilled with the Y’s mission of developing the spirit, mind, and body of each individual and encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect for everyone.


Our core early childhood belief is that children learn best through play, which is the legitimate and genuine work of young children. When children are engaged in purposeful play, they are discovering, creating, improvising, and expanding their learning. Our programs are structured so that children are active participants in their own development and learning. We observe and respond to children and help support their current skills and help scaffold them to reach the next milestone in their developmental journey.
We use the Creative Curriculum, which balances teacher planned and child initiated learning, emphasizing responsiveness to children’s strengths, interests, needs, and learning styles. The curriculum includes activities such as dramatic play, language, science, math, social studies, music, art, and large and small motor development.

Daily Schedule

We structure your child’s day in a way that allows them to initiate activities related to their interests. A large part of your child’s day is spent in free choice time, offering them opportunities to lean through play. Each classroom has their daily schedule posted, as well as curriculum plans that the teachers design according to their observations of the children’s interests.

Teachers & Staff

Our child care staff are trained professionals chosen for their warmth, creativity, experience with children, and commitment to excellence. We employ staff that are nurturing, understand child development, and respect each child as an individual. We seek staff who value working as a team with families. We are committed to ongoing training and professional development of our Early Learning staff. The adult: child ratios are 1:7 for 2 year olds, 1:10 for 3 year olds, and 1:12 for 4-5 year olds. A teacher and an assistant will create a positive classroom atmosphere set up for all kids to be successful.

Safety Procedures

The health and safety of all children and their families remains our top priority. We will continue to follow all CDC and local and state health department recommendations regarding safety procedures. We will communicate with families if guidelines change.

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