Top 10 Coalition Says Recent Successes Show Region is on Track to Becoming a Healthier Community

The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program considered one of the successful initiatives launched to develop a healthier community and decrease the burden of chronic diseases in our community.

In 2009, the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis convened a group of more than 30 organizations and businesses to come together to create the Top 10 Coalition. Their goal is to work together to develop a stronger culture of health in Central Indiana and decrease the burden of chronic diseases in our community. Today, the coalition released its annual report [download link:] that shows that Central Indiana is moving in the right direction in creating a healthier lifestyle for its residents.

Central Indiana partners have successfully implemented the following health initiatives to benefit our community:

  • Central Indiana now has 48 Farmers Markets, a 9% increase in the last year. At least 10 of these Farmer Markets are eligible to accept SNAP, Double Up Incentives or both to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are accessible to all income levels.
  • Successful implementation of the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program showed a $2,600 cost savings per person to Medicare. This demonstration project resulted in the recommendation to extend Medicare coverage for the National Diabetes Prevention Program, likely beginning in January 2017.
  • Through the Walkways initiative, Indianapolis’ first ever Pedestrian Plan was approved by the Metropolitan Development Commission on May 4, 2016. The plan gives city leaders a framework for prioritizing resources and making decisions that will have an impact on making neighborhoods more walkable.
  • At least 17% of Indiana schools are open to the public for physical activity through Shared Use policies.
  • In Marion County, there has been a 10% increase in the number of multi-unit housing properties that have smoke-free buildings since 2013.

“These positive changes to the accessibility of healthy foods and places to be physically active are important steps to improve the health of Hoosiers in Central Indiana,” said Eden Bezy, Director, Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, Indiana State Department of Health.

To date, a total of 120 businesses and organizations have joined the Coalition and are focused on making Indianapolis a healthier community.

Over the next year, the coalition will be working on increasing access to ensure the healthy choice is the easy choice for Central Indiana residents. Partners are specifically focusing on increasing access to safe physical activity, active transportation options, healthy food, and smoke-free environments.

“The Top 10 coalition amplifies each member organizations’ resources to assure the greater impact on the overall culture of health in Central Indiana,” said Sandy Cummings, Chronic Disease Coordinator, Marion County Public Health Department.

To learn more about the Top 10 IN initiative visit on the coalition on Facebook: Top 10: Transforming Health in Central Indiana. If you would like to become a partner, contact the Coalition at (317) 713-8519 or email

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